BIG Nomad News + Wylder shows! 

My Dear Friends, 

The time has come for you to feel the fire! Billy Wylder plays Somerville this Friday at the Burren plus NH next month. Come let loose! Our compadres, The Lonesome Draw will be joining us this Friday, early show: 7-9pm, grab your tickets and spread the good word and read on to hear the BIG nomad news. 

Friday, March 11 - The Burren - Somerville, MA - Tickets - 7pm 
Friday, April 15 - Riverwalk Cafe & Music Bar - Nashua, NH - Tickets - 8pm
Friday, April 29 - Birdseye Lounge - Portsmouth, NH - Tickets - 9pm


New Caravans 
After two and half years of traveling the world with the great Bombino, I have decided to take a break from the caravan. It has been an incredible experience to make music together and explore the elements of our world through our musical quest. From Rome to Rio de Janeiro, the Sahel Desert to New Zealand, Zagreb to Carnegie Hall, I will be forever infused by this Tuareg trip with Oumara 'Bombino' Moctar, Corey Wilhelm, Youba Dia, Kiljade Moussa Albade, Eric Herman, Mohammed Emoud, Ron Wyman, Toulou Kiki, and Koutana Vanloon.  

This break will allow me to focus on my original music, my work with Heartbeat, the Israeli-Palestinian youth music community, and my connection to home. I have now been at my home for the past three months consecutively, what a novelty! I will be in the area until mid May and then plan to return to the Middle East to begin working on a documentary film on Heartbeat and then heading on tour in Europe with one of our ensembles in June. This is a momentous time for Heartbeat as we make strategic plans to expand our programs and the impact of our Israeli and Palestinian youth musicians (more info here). Each day, the disparities on our planet grow greater and living beings continue to struggle to sustain. May we all remind ourselves to tune into what is good in and around us and give these sources of energy wings to multiply.




New Album 
This past fall we camped out in Woodstock, NY for 10 days and recorded the new Bombino album, Azel with producer David Longstreth from Dirty Projectors. The album comes out April 1. Check out the great story in Rolling Stone and listen to "Akhar Zaman" at NPR.

As always I feel grateful to be connected to you all. I look forward to the next time we sing together! 



p.s. There are new recordings on the horizon + Moonshine festivities, and summer shows. Stay tuned!


Wylder Shows, Rio Baby! 

Hello good people,

It's with great pleasure that we announce new Billy Wylder shows! Next week we'll return to our favorite neighborhood venue, Toad, for a free show, followed by two shows with the one and only Miss Tess!! Check out this clip from our Moonshine jam this summer. Truly looking forward to playing for y'all again. Let your friends know we're coming and read on to hear about the Brazilian tour and Heartbeat.

Dec. 15 - Cambridge, MA - TOAD - 7:30pm - Free Show
Dec. 18 - Northampton, MA - The Parlor Room - 7:30pm - Tickets w/ Miss Tess
Dec. 19 - Portland, ME - One Longfellow Square - 8pm - Tickets w/ Miss Tess

Bombino Brazilian Caravan
What a trip! Rocking out with the Brazilians, Samba till the morning light, beaches that come from dreams with mountains that jump up from the sea, breaking bread and jamming with local musicians, exploring the grit and tragic poverty of the Favelas, meeting the great redeemer, spreading the music to South America. Vibes! Check out more photos from the tour here.

As many of you know, I also work with Heartbeat, the Israeli-Palestinian youth music community based in Jerusalem. This is an exciting time for Heartbeat as we plan our program development and impact growth in the region and around the world! Join us and directly support Heartbeat's peacebuilding initiatives. 

All donations will be matched!

I am also producing Heartbeat's 2016 tours in the US and Europe. Send me a line if you're interested in bringing Heartbeat to your community:
Check out this clip from Heartbeat's 2015 US Tour

About Heartbeat:
Elevated by the support from Eddie Vedder, Pearl Jam and Neil Young, Heartbeat is quickly gaining international recognition and momentum as we work to build a lasting, just peace in the Middle East from the ground up. As a positive alternative to the normalization of segregation, violence, and racism, Heartbeat creates spaces and opportunities for Palestinian and Israeli youth musicians to build critical awareness, respect, and trust while harnessing creative nonviolent tools for self-expression and social change. 




Sending you all love and mojo as we approach the Winter Solstice and holidays. Spread the good word and see you soon!



Wylder Returns + Tales from the Caravan 

Hello Friends,


After two years of touring around the world with Bombino, I am thrilled to announce that Billy Wylder will return to Cambridge next Wednesday, Sept. 30 at Atwoods!! The Wylder family will be bringing new and old songs to life for a special hometown show. Grab your tickets and spread the good word! 

Read on to hear about the journey~

On Saturday we rallied in solidarity with Syrian refugees in Copley Square. Powerful to hear hundreds of people singing together! Over the past couple weeks I have gotten to know many Syrians who have resettled in Boston and it has been deeply informative for me to learn about the war and refugee crisis from their perspective. Totally heartbreaking. Evolution is a constant state of migration. That's how we got here! It is time we open the doors and greatly increase the resources for refugees to seek asylum in the North America, Europe, Australia, South America... Please consider donating to the 
Karam Foundation which is helping bring Syrian children back to school and supports Syrian refugees internationally. 

Bombino Caravan
The Bombino tours took us to Europe and North America this summer. Highlights included performing and exploring in Norway, Italy, trading tales with Buckwheat Zydeco and rocking Central Park! In June, I ventured to the Dolomite Mountains in the Alps of Northern Italy on a day off and climbed the cliffs high above the tree line. Another remarkable moment was doing a collaborative performance at the 
Edmonton Folk Festival with Hanggai, a Mongolian folk/punk band from Beijing and The Duhks, a Canadian folk band. An incredible quad-continental mash up. Next we'll head south to tour Brazil in November!! Check out a montage from Central Park

Live at the Edmonton Folk Festival - August 7, 2015

The Mountain band up on Mt. Washington! 
On August 15 we played at show at 5000 feet to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Lakes of the Clouds. Supernatural times!

Holy Moonshine!
Much love to all who joined us at the Harvest Moonshine. It was a beautiful festivity on the farm in the Green Mountains. Great sets from Miss Tess, The Surviving Kenneallys, the Earth Sky Time Farm band, community art making, epic bon fire, local food, rope swing, jams, kinship, revelry… 
Check out the video of the Moonshine finale. Lot’s of promise to continue to build on the experience!

I hope your spirit is full as we turn the pages to a new season. The world needs your good energy!

Spread the word, spread the love, and see you out there!



Central Park, Africa, Tour, + Moonshine! 

Hello friends,

How are you? Where are you? I am home in Boston for a couple days, what a novelty! Since I last wrote I’ve traveled around the world on the Bombino caravan with tours in Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and Europe. What a trip! And now, we’re kicking off a North American tour starting in Calgary this Thursday. This run is bookended by festivals in Canada and shows across the Northeast and Midwest. On July 25 we’ll make our debut at Central Park!! Read on to hear about the journey, tour dates, and upcoming Moonshine festivity.

Sojourn in the Sahel
Niamey, Niger is the sprawling desert village, home to Bombino and capital of Niger. We landed there in mid-March on the heels of a month-long tour throughout Australia and New Zealand. Niamey is unlike anywhere I’ve been. Cattle roam the sandy streets, women balance water on their heads with babies strapped on theirs backs, and people gather round making tea, selling lamb off the fire. There are children everywhere and some would chase after me pulling me into football matches. We shared a great curiosity for each other and it warmed my soul. Niger is one of the most impoverished countries in the world and this was immediately obvious, yet many of the people that I met had this luminous glow and vitality about them, it was a remarkable juxtaposition. Bombino was very proud to host us at his home and we spent a week experiencing life in this West African desert town. 
Bombino’s wife, Zeinab took me to a traditional Tuareg wedding one day. Tons of Tuaregs and Hausa united in the street, painting the scene with vibrant colors from their costumes. Griot drummers summoned the spirits and men and women danced before them. Zeinab encouraged me to dance before the drummers and I channeled the juju.
There were many jams with Tuareg friends. One day, we performed a show on the desert floor to celebrate the birth of a new child in the community. We rocked the Berber rhythms with people circled tightly around, singing and dancing to the music. It was surreal! Four years ago, I watched this clip of Bombino playing in the desert and now here I was standing beside him, jamming these songs with him and his people. Hit my soul heavy. I will never forget it!

*more photos from Africa here

Tour Dates:

7.23 – Calgary, CA – Calgary Folk Festival
7.24 – Calgary, CA – Calgary Folk Festival
7.25 – New York, NY – Central Park
7.26 – Camden, NJ – Xponential Music Festival
7.28 – Northampton, MA – Iron Horse Music Hall
7.29 – Cambridge, MA – The Sinclair
7.30 – Bridgeport, CT – Gathering of the Vibes
7.31 – Washington DC ­– The Hamilton
8.1 – Pittsburgh, PA – Rex Theater
8.2 – Cleveland, OH – Beachland Ballroom
8.4 – Minneapolis, MN – Cedar Cultural Center
8.6 – Edmonton, CA – Edmonton Folk Festival
8.7 – Edmonton, CA – Edmonton Folk Festival

Sunday, Sept. 6, 4-9pm
Earth Sky Time Farm, Manchester, VT

The Moonshine is a surreal concert and community experience that I started with my farming friends near Boston. We’re taking the Moonshine to Vermont in partnership with compadres, Max Levis and family. Come celebrate the moment with great music, local food + beer, community art, and a bountiful farm stand! The show will feature Miss Tess, the sultry Queen of "Modern Vintage" and the raucous, Surviving Kenneallys! Instruments, picnics, friends, & lovers all welcome :)

Advance tickets only $15, children under 10 are free. Folks will be traveling in for this one. Confirm your spot here and help spread the good word.

Lodging available at the Wilburton Inn, next to the farm and camping at the Battenkill Campground.

See you on the road!



p.s. have you seen Billy Wylder anywhere? I hear he's coming round this fall..

Australia, Africa, & Heartbeat in the USA! 

Bonjour mes amis,

Como ca va? How is your spirit? I am well and fueled with fire from this perpetual adventure. The nomad journey continues this week as I make my way to Australia to tour with my Tuareg brother, Bombino! 
We will be performing throughout Australia, New Zealand, and Tasmania and then we’ll travel to Niger, Africa to play a couple concerts and visit Bombino’s homeland. This will be my first trip Down Under and to the Sahara and Sahel Desert and I am beyond excited! The tour will end with a week of shows in Europe. Will you be abroad? We’ll be back in the States this May and July. Come join the caravan, tour details here.

It was 2011 in Tel Aviv when I was working with Heartbeat that I was first introduced to Bombino's music. My musical lineage from working with the Palestinian and Israeli youth musicians to touring with Oumara "Bombino" Moctar became a natural progression. I continue to work with Heartbeat developing our global initiatives, touring, and diplomacy. I am thrilled to announce that Heartbeat will be touring the USA Feb. 21-March 20!! Friends of all faiths, ideologies, political beliefs- I highly recommend catching a performance! More info below and Heartbeat tour details here

Heartbeat returns to tour the USA Feb. 21-March 20!! Bringing their powerful sounds and messages of equality and cooperation, the Heartbeat youth musicians will travel from Boston to North Carolina, DC to Chicago for performances at universities, music venues, and congregations. The US tours have been transformative experiences with each concert offering a unique window into the lives of our courageous young artists. Interwoven throughout the concert program, the musicians share their experiences of growing up amidst the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, highlighting their creative effort to build a better future as members of Heartbeat. We approach the conflict through a new lens, illuminated by the sounds of hope, co-creation, and our belief in the power of civil-society led change. This tour is about igniting the human spirit, reimagining the barriers that divide us, and coming together to advance dignity and freedom for all people. It has been a labor of love to produce this tour. Spread the good word!

Check out the Heartbeat US tour video:

Heartbeat US Tour
2.21 – Washington, DC – American University
2.24 – New York, NY – House Concert + Reception
2.26 – Philadelphia, PA – Temple University
2.28 – Plainfield, VT – Goddard College
3.2 – Amherst, MA – UMass Amherst
3.3 – Standish, ME – St. Joseph’s College of Maine
3.4 – Waterville, ME – Colby College
3.5 – Milton, MA – Curry College
3.7 – Oberlin, OH – Oberlin College
3.8 – Columbus, OH – Ohio State University
3.10 – Peoria, IL – Bradley University
3.11 – Chicago, IL – Old Town School of Folk Music
3.14 – Rockford, IL – Rockford University
3.17 – Nashville, TN – West End United Methodist Church
3.17 – Nashville, TN – W.O Smith Music School
3.19 – Asheville, NC – University of North Carolina Asheville
3.20 – Salem, VA – Roanoke College

As war grips the Middle East and inequalities across racial and economic lines plague every community on earth, it becomes more and more essential that we band together. There is beautiful power in our voice, art, and action. Let us unite and amplify the silent majority of peace-seeking people around the globe. We're all in this thing together.




Bombino Caravan USA 

Shalom, Salam, Mei-jan my friends,

After three months on the Bombino trail I am back in the USA! We've been on a grand voyage all across Europe and N. America and tomorrow our caravan heads west to kick off our adventure across the States. We start this weekend at the Gorge Amphitheatre with Dave Matthews & Co, followed by shows in San Francisco, New England, Brooklyn, the Midwest, Telluride and Taos, New Mexico. Come join the ride! Full tour schedule below and tickets available here. Read on to hear about the Tuareg trip and upcoming Moonshine festivity!

It's been a spiritual journey bringing these ancient rhythms and melody to life with my African brother, fusing the Saharan traditions with rock & roll and the color of our own story. The energy of the performance is electrifying! We've played for some amazing audiences who shook the walls of their old villages! One of the best parts has been meeting fellow Tuaregs along the way. They are so proud to see Bombino representing their tribe and sharing their culture and heritage with world. Often Bombino will break into a personal conversations with them during the show in Tamasheq, sometimes with thousands of people in the audience. It's a trip! Check out the live footage from Rouen, France.

Between the 50 concerts we played this summer, I found sometime to explore the incredible places we visited. Portugal was my favorite country we performed in followed closely by Italia. I found Portuguese and Italian to be very musical languages and the energy of the people, food and landscape were the greatest gifts. I got to ramble in the Alps before our show in Innsbruck, Austria. Holy mountains! Lifted my soul. I started to write a new song on the way up, then came across some roaming cattle, whose cowbells sounded like a Gamelan orchestra. The rhythm of the earth!

As the world struggles to find its sense of harmony, on our tour, I was reminded on a daily bases through the gracious people we met that humans are inherently good. I am forever grateful to all the warm and interesting folks I met along the way. Bombino's music has carried his people through war, rebellion, drought, and exile; you can feel this sense of history in the songs and then the rhythm hits you and you can't help but dance as your spirit climbs with the energy. It's a soul stirring experience! Come join the caravan.

Nomad USA Tour
8.30 – George, WA – The Gorge Amphitheatre
8.31 – San Francisco, CA – The Independent
9.3 – Northampton, MA – Iron Horse Music Hall
9.4 – Rockland, ME – Strand Theatre
9.5 – Cambridge, MA – The Sinclair
9.6 – Bethlehem, NH – Colonial Theatre
9.7 – Brooklyn, NY – Brooklyn Bowl
9.10 – Columbus, OH – Wexner Center for the Arts
9.11 – Chicago, IL – World Music Festival
9.12 – Telluride, CO – Telluride Blues & Brews Festival
9.13 – Telluride, CO – Telluride Blues & Brews Festival
9.14 – Taos, NM – Taos Mesa Brewing

Saturday, Sept. 27, 3-9pm – White Barn Farm, Wrentham, MATickets
The Moonshine is a surreal concert and community experience that I started with my farming friends, Chris & Christy. Come celebrate the moment with local music, food, and movement. The show will feature Vermont folk-hero Bow Thayer and his band along with additional acts TBA soon. The afternoon begins with a pickin' party, picnic, and farm walk at 3pm. Instruments, spirits, friends, lovers, all welcome :)
Tickets only $15, children under 10 are free. All proceeds benefit White Barn Farm in effort to keep the land a sustainable green space.

Spread the word, spread the love, and see you out there!


Music and Mojo:


Tuareg Trip: On the road to Zagreb + N. American tour  

Ciao miei amici,

Greetings from Milano, Italy. I am riding a wild Tuareg wave with my African brother, Bombino and co. We're one month into a three month tour across Europe and North America. It's quite the trip! Our caravan stops in Zagreb, Croatia tomorrow to play a festival with the Black Keys followed by dates in Slovenia and Portugal. We’re here in Europe for one more week and then fly to Detroit to kick off a run of festivals in the States and Canada. Come join the ride! Full tour schedule here. Check out the story of Billy and Bombino below.

Bombino & Wylder at the New Orleans Jazz Fest

In March of 2011 I was hanging out with this amazing Yemenite-Israeli singer, Ravid Kahalani in his flat in Tel Aviv. We were sharing music with each other and he showed me this clip of this Tuareg guitarist performing on the desert streets of Agadez, Niger. This cat was wailing like a Saharan Hendrix and his tribe of brothers and sisters were dressed in beautiful tunics and turbans, clapping and dancing as they celebrated their newly found independence. Oumara “Bombino” Moctar had lived in exile in Algeria and Libya during the first Tuareg rebellion in the ‘90s and in Burkina Faso during the second uprising from 2007-10. The guitar was banned by the government as a symbol of the rebellion and two of Bombino’s band mates were executed. However Bombino did not stop playing, rather the guitar became his instrument of strength, lifting his people’s spirits in the face of war, poverty, and desertification.
I was immediately captivated while watching this clip from Agadez and became a fast fan. Digging deeper into Bombino’s history and learning his songs from recordings, I became more and more moved by this character and the anthems of the Tuareg people. I befriended Ron Wyman, the filmmaker who brought Bombino’s music and story to the world. Through the grapevine Bombino and I became friends; we’d jam and make African feasts when he and his band would come to Boston. Music was our first common language and its power of mobility and transformation was the thread that bound us together. Over the past year, I have had the honor of performing with Bombino at Carnegie Hall, the Newport Folk Festival, Coachella, the New Orleans Jazz Fest and now throughout Europe. As Muslims praise Allah, Hamdullah, hamdullah, hamdullah!!

Wylder & Bombino hanging at Coachella after our set

When the spirit of Billy Wylder first came to me in Jerusalem, this is what rang true to me. A nomadic musician, taking risks, traveling through the different corners of the earth, building a fabric of friendship along the way through songs and openness. This is what the Wylder family is all about. I am grateful to all the colorful and gracious beings I have met along the way; for my freedom and the opportunity to create. It’s a long journey filled with light and darkness, holy beauty shadowed by injustice and struggle; we must make the road by walking. "I do not see my guitar as a gun but rather as a hammer with which to help build the house of the Tuareg people." ­–Bombino. I couldn't agree with him more!

Sending you all good ju-ju from the road to Zagreb!

Avi Wylder

p.s. check out the clip of us jamming in a van in New Orleans + live in Miami

Wylder family shows in store for the fall + Moonshine. Stay tuned!

On tour w/ Bombino, the Heartbeat movement, & Pete Seeger 

Bonjour mes amis,

As I board a plane to Savannah, GA, I begin another wild adventure with Bombino! We are kicking off a month long American tour at the Savannah Music Festival tomorrow night. After Georgia, we'll travel around the country, playing some far out shows at Coachella, the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, along the west coast, deep south, Colorado, Austin, Vegas, and BC. I'll be joining the band on guitar, harp, calabash, and tour managing our journey. Looking forward to rocking the sound of the desert and seeing friends along the way! Check out the full tour dates. What a trip! This has been a beautiful year so far. See below for an update on the Heartbeat tour, Congress, and Pete Seeger tribute. Love you all -Avi Wylder

Bombino & Wylder w/ Junior Marvin from Bob Marley & the Wailers in DC, Dec. 3, 2013

Never a dull moment... I just finished an incredible tour with Heartbeat, the Israeli-Palestinian youth music community. The tour took us from Maine to DC, culminating with our briefing and performance at the U.S. Congress. We're calling on Washington to support people to people diplomacy in aim of creating a lasting and just peace in Israel and Palestine. Heartbeat's making waves to build trust and transform the conflict fom the ground up. It's happening! From person to person, community to community, it's growing! Check out the feature story on CBS.

In a time when fear, violence, and authoritarianism dominate the narrative of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Heartbeat is breaking through to raise the voices of the silent majority who yearn for a safe and equitable future. Mazad mazad! (more to come)

I am working on bringing the ensemble back to the States next Feb-March. Send me a line if you would like to bring Heartbeat to your community.

Heartbeat at Congress, March 11, 2014

Heartbeat at Middlebury College, Feb. 28, 2014

While back in Cambridge for a couple weeks, the Wylders paid homage to the legendary Pete Seeger at Club Passim. Pete lived the power of a song and mobilized people around the globe through singing together. I am grateful for his life's work and the time we got to spend together. He is one of our greatest inspirations.

Somos el barco, somos el mar, yo navego en ti, tu navegas en mi.
We are the boat, we are the sea, I sail in you, you sail in me.



follow the journey on the web:

Wylder Heartbeat: Israeli-Palestinian U.S. Tour 

Good day my friends,

My Israeli and Palestinian brothers and sisters are coming to tour the USA! Tomorrow I will embark on a three week tour with Heartbeat to bring the sound of a better future in the Middle East to America. As the eyes of the world turn to top Israeli, Palestinian, and American leaders in the final stage of negotiations, Heartbeat takes the stage across the East Coast to call attention to the vital role of civil society in building a lasting, just peace. The tour will culminate with a performance and briefing at the U.S. Congress, calling on Washington for a $50 Million investment in People-to-People diplomacy via the International Fund for Israeli-Palestinian Peace.

Heartbeat’s youth led movement combats the tidal wave of fear, violence, and injustice with powerful sounds and voices singing for cooperation and equality. It doesn't matter where you're coming from or where you're going, the message inspires people of all backgrounds to work together to be the change we seek. Please join us and spread the good word.

Love, Avi Wylder

The Heartbeat US Tour:
2.20 – Clinton, NY – Hamilton College
2.21 – Bennington, VT – Bennington College
2.22 – Cambridge, MA – Harvard University
2.23 – Boston, MA – The Boston Jewish Music Festival
2.24 – Boston, MA – Boston College
2.25 – Windham, ME – Windham Performing Arts Center
2.26 – Burlington, VT – University of Vermont
2.27 – Middlebury, VT – Middlebury College
3.1 – Philadelphia, PA – Congregation Rodeph Shalom
3.2 – Penn Valley, PA – Congregation Beth Am Israel
3.5 – New York, NY – Le Poisson Rouge
3.8 ­ – Takoma Park, MD – TP Community Center
3.11 – Washington, DC – The US Congress

More info at

Check out the US State Department video on Heartbeat

A little more about my work in the Middle East
In the heat of the Arab Spring, I decided to travel to Israel and Palestine to experience life in the region beyond the narrow narratives that I was exposed to, to get a feel for the Palestinian and Israeli people and their realities. My guitar and songs served as my thread, connecting me with Arabs, Jews, and the international community as I explored the power of music to unite these adverse populations. I began working as a music and dialogue facilitator with Heartbeat, the Israeli-Palestinian youth music community based in Jerusalem. I started guerrilla recruiting youth artists from all over the region. As genuinely as possible, I would try to get them to trust me enough to want to come join Heartbeat for jam sessions, workshops, writing, performing, and recording retreats. I would make friends with Palestinian rappers and they would take me to underground hip-hop parties in East Jerusalem and I’d meet other cats and we’d jam and the circle would grow bigger. My method was similar with the Jewish artists, although a little less foreign to me.

My time in the Middle East was deeply transformative. I experienced first hand the formation of true friendships and trust building in the face of xenophobia and war. Through the more and more Israelis and Palestinians that I met, I was exposed to the silent majority of Arabs and Jews who yearn for a safe, equitable future. These are the voices that the Heartbeat community are comprised of and these are the voices that the world must hear! Since my trip in 2011, I have become acutely invested in working with Heartbeat and amplifying these powerful sounds for a better future. Our debut tour last year was a resounding success and I cannot wait for the tour that lies ahead. I hope you will join us and raise the courageous call for peace and equality.

Avi and Siwar Mansour, Palestinian violinist from Tira

Heartbeat in the Negev Desert

Spread the word, spread the love, and see you out there!
Shalom, Salam, Peace,

Avi Wylder

Upcoming Shows w/ The Low Anthem & Bombino 

Hello Wylder Family,

Good day from Boston town! It's been a beautiful stretch back here in Commonwealth following a worldly summer filled with shows and musical movements in Istanbul, Israel, Palestine, Wylder & Bombino US tours, and mountain rambling in between. We are juiced up to play for you!

This Friday, 10.25 – Burlington, VT w/ The Low Anthem
Signal Kitchen – Tickets

*This is what happened one of the last times we played together

December 1 – Cambridge, MA w/ Bombino
The Sinclair – Tickets

Bombino comes from the nomadic Tuareg tribe from North and West Africa and the band's music has lifted their people's spirit through war, rebellion, drought, and exile and now they are inspiring audiences around the world. We can't wait to share the show with them!


We are playing 2 free shows in the neighborhood!

Wed. Nov. 6 + 13
Porter Square

See ya there!

The Wylder family is growing! Can't wait for y'all to experience the evolution.Spread the word, spread the love, and see you out there!


Billy Wylder